Tuesday, August 15, 2006


New Home Page! - Take a look!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Night Church every second Friday! Prayer booth on Pusher Street every thursday 15-17 o'clock! See christianiakirken.dk

There is a chance to pray, laugh, smile, sleep, shout, sing and see our new altar pictures on EVERY SECOND FRIDAY! So come by and enjoy!

As usual we start at 9 o'clock and I dare promise: It'll be GREAT
(OK - that parts really up to You... We only provide the GREAT surroundings)

...If you want a friendly reminder: write us an e-mail at christianiakirken@hotmail.com

And as something new you can now get prayer on Pusher Street every Thursday from 3-5 in the afternoon! - Well be there with the prayer booth where you can come by and say hello! ...or get prayed for! ...or write a prayer on the wall! ...or... (whatever_you'd_like_to_do)! Come say hello!

So... See you on fridays for Night Church!
- And see you on a thursday in Pusher Street!

Please take a look at: www.christianiakiken.dk

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How to find the Night Church

Step 1: Find Christiania.
As you can see on the map below, the wonderful little “free-state” is located in the heart of Copenhagen, at Bådsmandsstræde 43 – very close to Christianshavn Metro Station and on the bus 66 route.

Step 2: Walk through the main entrance and walk straight forward.
This is how the main entrance looks like – it should be very easy to find. From here you just walk straight forward and you will find yourself being at the famous Pusherstreet and in front of the yellow building “Operaen”.

Step 3: Turn left and walk around Operaen.
Thus looks Operaen (according to Christiania artist Henrik Schütze) – the big yellow building in the middle of Pusherstreet. But do not enter Operaen! …No, no, no, no. - Instead: Turn left and walk around the building. On the back side you will find “Magasinet”. This is where we hold our beautiful Night Church services.

Step 4: There is no step 4.
Congratulations! You are here now. Relax. Enjoy.

Chill out….

Monday, February 27, 2006

The Jesus Freak announcement

As Jesus Freaks we claim that in spite of crusades, burning of witches, boring church services, TV preachers who rake in money, and all the pseudo - religious affectation, there is something true and very wonderful behind the story about Jesus!

To be honest we even believe that there isn't anything better in this whole world than to live with Jesus. Relationship with Him is the meaning of life! The important thing is that neither religion, nor any kind of wisdom on rules for life are what it's about, but a personal relationship with the creator of this earth. Jesus lived on this earth as the son of God. He died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead, and is the only one who can close the gap between God and us today. Jesus is the way to God.

We experience that the words of the bible have extraordinary power, and that its statements about life and God are absolutely true. God introduces himself to people, and shows His unique plan for mankind and every individual.We believe that He turned particularly to the outcast and poor, to those who do not fit the values of our society. As Jesus Freaks we want to live as Jesus did; he is our example. Everybody can come as they are, no matter which social background they come from. It is not our aim to entertain people or to improve their lot but to introduce many to the ressurected Jesus.

Our vision is to see our generation stand up for Jesus in our country, in Europe and all over the world, because living with Jesus is the most cool, compelling, intense and exciting thing of all.This Jesus movement will encourage people to build their own churches in their own style and in their own culture. We like to see other churches who have Jesus at their center. We regard all christians as a big family. Every church and every christian is special and has a mission from God - and we want to carry out ours!

About the Christiania group

About us…
We are trying to build a church in the subculture-environment of "Christiania", an alternative quarter of Denmark´s capital Copenhagen. The "hippie- freestate", that recently celebrated its 34-year-birthday, is organized as a collective with – partly- own "government".
Started by hippies, there are now all kinds of people living in Christiania…Besides the people, who live there, lot´s of visitors are coming to Christiania – tourists and many regular visitors who sometimes come there daily. (For more informantion and an "guided tour" with pictures of the beautiful environment look at www.christiania.org).

We believe, that (although there is some bad stuff – as everywhere else) there is a lot of good stuff about the culture and together-living in Christiania…(Who says that the "normal" way of life in general is more Jesus-like than alternative lifestyles..?)
We therefore want to build a church for and with the "Christianites" and visitors, that fit in the subculture and is like we are and of course is radical with Jesus – (Please read our vision-paper further down this page…)

Currently, we have a prayer-evening once a week and once or twice a month a little service in an old storage room in Christiania…but that is just an expression of our dream and vision.
We are also dreaming of seeing a Jesus-movement rising in the subculture-scenes everywhere and specially in Denmark…(read the vision paper – and take a look at www.jesusfreaks.com)

Christiania group vision statement

A Christiania Church:
- A church based in Christiania and the setting of Christiania.
- Not just a church but an outreach ministry.
- Not just an outreach ministry but a movement.

We have the dream to see:
- God the Father, coming home in the midst and the hearts of His people and people come home to Him through Jesus... in Christiania, in the subscene, and in the growing up generation.
- To see a new Jesus movement that brings His kids home to The Father.
- To touch hearts and the nations with the fire of Gods love.

To see this coming through we wanna:
- Make a place for Him to come, a place where He is wanted, loved and worshipped.
- Be together His dream family that embraces His presence and His homecoming kids.
- Be learning to walk like Jesus and reaching out with Gods love.

Therefore we commit ourselves to:
- The Fathers values.
- Letting God love us and impart His love into our hearts and love Him back.
- Pray regulary for Christiania.
- Ask Father about how to get Christiania in touch with Him and His love.
- Ask Father how He wants His house in Christiania to look like and which steps we should take when.
- Be His hands and His feet.
- Spend time with Daddy God, to seek His face and to ask Him to impart His dream about family in our hearts.
- Learning how to be family together, to grow in loving each other.
- Be willing to let God work in our hearts and deal with issues and hang-ups.
- Carry each other in prayer and to fight our problems together.
- Allowing each other to speak into each others life.
- Welcome newbeginners and let them be part of our family and help them to grow.
- To do all that and have fun!